Museums in Italy to Visit – Three of the Most Popular Exhibits

In Italy, there are around 4,500 museums, with the most majority of them containing art galleries and collections of fine art. Italian communities have at least one governmental or private museum, resulting in a significant volume of visitors that makes Italy the European country with the highest concentration of museums. The cultural parks and open-air exhibits are suitable locations for a spring day excursion, whilst the permanent exhibitions located in the magnificent country’s ancient buildings are the ideal sites for a cultural bath on long winter afternoons in the country.

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Museum of The Last Supper, Milan

The list of Italy’s most beautiful museums begins in Milan, specifically in the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses the Museum of the Last Supper. Here you may see Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, which has the ability to enchant visitors of all types, from lone travellers to couples, with its beauty. The ticket will set you back around 15 euros. From October through March, the first Sunday of each month is free for all guests.

Museum of Fashion & Costume, Florence

The Museum of Fashion and Costume is located in the Palazzina della Meridiana of Palazzo Pitti in the centre of Florence, this museum displays clothing worn by historical people and cinema stars from the 18th century to the present. The museum is a must-see for fashionistas, whether they come alone or in a group. The whole ticket costs around 16 euros and may be purchased either online or at the box office.

Museum of The Imperial Fora, Rome

The Museum if the Imperial Fora is an archaeological complex from the Roman Empire that contains the Forums of Caesar, Augustus, the Temple of Peace, the Forum of Nerva, and the Forum of Trajan. This museum is based in the centre of Rome and this building attracts all sorts of tourists, from families to couples.