Four Art Movements You’ll Find In Most Museums

Thinking about scheduling a trip to the museum? You’re not alone, actually. The museum is a place that’s open to the public at a very affordable cost. Instead of assuming that you won’t be able to find anything interesting, why not try to look at which art movements you might see inside the museum? Of course, every museum is different. We’re just trying to give you the highlights. You could find these styles, but you could also find even more waiting in store for you at the museum. The tour guides will be there to help you understand more about each display, if you’re really into it.

1. Surrealism

Salvador Dali
Are you interested in the element of surprise? Then you’ll love Surrealism, a movement that is based around not just art but an entire philosophy. This is the intersection of dreams and realities, derived from Dada-ism. Famous members of the Surrealism movement include Salvador Dali and Max Morise.

2. Art Deco

This style came into popularity right before World War I, when the whole world changed. The style is based on combining the usual artistic techniques with geometric shapes and an emphasis on the industrialization of the world. You’ll see amazing chevrons, sunbursts, symmetry and lots of chrome.

3. Impressionism

Winslow Homer
Still lifes, portraits, and even landscapes are beautifully stylized in Impressionism, where all of the overall visuals are more important than the small details. Very small brush strokes are used to make this style come to life. Winslow Homer was probably one of the most famous voices in that movement.

4. Baroque

This high energy style is known for religious themes and exaggerated drama. You might think of the work of Peter Paul Rubens with his beautiful, curvaceous models. But the Catholic Church of the 1600s had the biggest role to play in this movement. They wanted to capture the emotional realities of the Church in light of the Protestant Reformation. They believed that this form of art would move people back into the fold, rather than encouraging them to join in Martin Luther’s mission.

Which art style featured here is your favorite? We’re pretty big fans of Surrealism, but there are so many other forms of art available that it’s difficult to pick just one favorite! When you go to the museum, it’s very important that you follow the directions to the letter. Many museums have rules about who can take photographs, and what types of photographs are allowed. Flash photography can damage a priceless artifact or painting, making it less enjoyable for everyone else.