Are Video Games A Form of Art?

The question is as old as gaming itself, and many fans will be frustrated with how often it seems gaming needs to be spotlighted in one way or another to justify it, but technology has come a long way and the way games look and perform are very different than they were before, and there’s a lot of merit to the thought that they’re visual spectacles and more now – but are they their own form of art, or something different?

The classics have cemented their place – The older games, although very rudimentary in appearance have certainly gained a fandom in itself, it has inspired a new generation of gamers and plenty of studies in to how the art style still appeals to many over time too. As something that is still widely used in online services like these online casinos for example where hardware may limit a push forward, it has shown that this visual still certainly holds an appeal. Is it art? Well, that’s up to the individual interpretation, but other categories could certainly argue further.

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A big push for photorealism – The latest push in modern gaming particularly as hardware has improved is the push for hyper and photo realism – using lighting in particular to create a look that’s more realistic than ever seen before, it is something that continues to improve year on year and more toward something that can be considered as art over anything else. It’s obviously still a little stylized as needed but is something that is clearly starting to define a work of art in itself, particularly as it’s something that remains consistent across the full length of a game.

Stylized titles that remain timeless – There are also other games that have been designed in a way so they may not show their age as other games might – by using bright and vibrant colours, as well as different approaches like certain forms of shading remove just enough detail so it doesn’t look to age but keeps enough to make them visually appealing. This has been something boasted about through titles like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild,  and is something that many fans of the series and genre have called a work of art in its own right just because of the way it’s able to deliver to audiences of all types.

It’s likely a question that will always be asked, but as technology continues to push forward it’s undeniable that some pieces will go down as a permanent piece in history showing just how creative we can be – they’re works of art in their own right, and something that will be around for a long time.