A Gamification of Museums

Digital media has been a driving factor in changing many aspects of history and awareness – conservation methods for example have been greatly improved thanks to the awareness raised with digital media, and it’ll continue to be something used to garner interest. One way many have turned to recently has been within the gamification of different industries – changing attitudes towards gaming as a much wider audience has been introduced to many different opportunities with the growth of even popular genres tied to offline opportunities such as the growth of non gamstop casino options at maximumcasinos.com, and it has become an interest much more accessible to a wider audience – as such there is the exploration of using gaming techniques to help raise awareness much in the same way, and museums could be at the forefront of using gamification as part of their service.

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Perhaps the most obvious example will be within the growing use of both augmented and virtual reality – augmented reality in gaming first really gained mainstream attention back in 2016 with the release of the popular Pokémon GO title that took the summer by storm and saw millions of players head into the open air to experience the game, but more than that it allowed an opportunity for augmented reality options in gaming to start evolving. Whilst the uses can be a little limited, they have already started to find use in some museums and will likely continue to be a feature moving forward as a way to visual display something that could be a little more complex at a much lower cost in many instances. Read More

Four Art Movements You’ll Find In Most Museums

Thinking about scheduling a trip to the museum? You’re not alone, actually. The museum is a place that’s open to the public at a very affordable cost. Instead of assuming that you won’t be able to find anything interesting, why not try to look at which art movements you might see inside the museum? Of course, every museum is different. We’re just trying to give you the highlights. You could find these styles, but you could also find even more waiting in store for you at the museum. The tour guides will be there to help you understand more about each display, if you’re really into it.

1. Surrealism

Salvador Dali
Are you interested in the element of surprise? Then you’ll love Surrealism, a movement that is based around not just art but an entire philosophy. This is the intersection of dreams and realities, derived from Dada-ism. Famous members of the Surrealism movement include Salvador Dali and Max Morise.

2. Art Deco

This style came into popularity right before World War I, when the whole world changed. The style is based on combining the usual artistic techniques with geometric shapes and an emphasis on the industrialization of the world. You’ll see amazing chevrons, sunbursts, symmetry and lots of chrome. Read More

Top 4 Museums in the United States 2020

Trying to figure out the top 4 museums in the United States is more opinionated that it is real. After all, the total amount of museums in the U.S. is around 35,000.  We don’t know anyone who has the time to create a formula and come up with the four best choices, but we will definitely give you some of the best options. Again, these are our choices alone, and are not in any order:

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Located in the heart of Manhattan, New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most popular choices in the U.S. We would venture to say that they win by default, considering the amount of people that live in New York City, and all the tourists that reach NYC every year. However, there are amazing views that can’t be missed.

This location offers over 400,000 pieces to their collection. One of our personal favorites is the marble portrait of the emperor Augustus, dating back to A.D. 14-37. This stone sculpture has been around for over 2,000 years, and is considered a lifetime experience to see in person.

2. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

Personally we go to Chicago about once every 2 years, and have been to the Art Institute of Chicago eight times. Several of the expensive pieces of artwork are found at AIC, and there is something to be said about standing right in front of a $1,000,000 painting. Add in the extensive information regarding the history of the paintings and other pieces of artwork, you could literally stay here all day. Read More

Top 5 Most Popular Museums in the World

The world is home to thousands of different museums across hundreds of different countries. From war museums to art museums, there’s certainly something to suit everybody. Whichever country you visit, you can always find a museum of some sort to wander around. Apart from containing some of the most historical and valuable works and items in the world, an afternoon in a museum makes for a lovely relaxing experience. Here are some of the most popular museums in the world.

The Louvre, Paris

The Louvre

You don’t even have to step inside this museum to see the sheer wonder and history which is contained within the building. The Louvre, which is situated in Paris, arguably the most romantic city in the world, receives more than 9 million visitors every single year. There are almost 35,000 different items and displays which date back hundreds of years. No wonder The Louvre is classed as the most visited museum on earth!

National Museum of Natural History, Washington

national museum of natural history washington dc

If there’s one natural history museum that everybody wants to visit, it’s the National Museum of Natural History, located in Washington, America. It is the most popular museum in the whole of North America, and receives more visitors than any other natural history museum in the world. With plants, fossils and rocks in the millions, there are almost 200 scientists which are situated at the museum. Read More